Before your session


Please be sure to review the “Past Life Regression Info” tab prior to scheduling a session. Reading it again on the day of your first session is also recommended. The FAQ section addresses questions that you may have and also provides guidance regarding expectations (i.e. “no expectations” is a fruitful approach).

Also, people are often interested in PLR hypnosis based on stories they’ve read. These stories are the cream of the crop since a book focusing on ordinary past lives probably wouldn’t sell many copies. 🙂 In my experience (both as a client and as a practitioner), it is very common for the first couple of sessions to be quite “ordinary” in nature.

After my first session (as a client), my friends eagerly asked me how it went, and I had to be honest and say that (even though I truly enjoyed the session a great deal) what I saw was pretty mundane. It wasn’t until the second session that things started to get really interesting, and by the fourth session, I was seeing things that were remarkable and totally unexpected.

Each person is different, so the rate at which they experience things will vary. In general, though, a “building up” process is likely to occur. I believe this is common since there is a process of getting you mentally prepared to see more. Just like with exercising, you start off at the base level and gradually increase your abilities and capacity through practice.


Before your first session, please check the availability by sending an e-mail to You can also talk to me through the contact form or call to +55 41 8403-0000.