I greatly admire Laura’s work! The dedication, loveliness and absolute respect for the subjects raised during my therapy allowed a great deepening in my process. Thank you!Rodrigo Ramos | Software engineer & Therapist
Gratitude for changing my life! I arrived at her office exhausted, and had trouble sleeping for many years. In a few sessions, we could better understand what was happening in my unconscious and finally had the first good night’s sleep in a long time! Thank you!Cláudia Soares | Lawyer
Laura’s therapy made in two sessions what two years of conventional therapy did not! I strongly recommend! She’s a darling!Priscila Marilis | Empresária
Laura is sensational ! I recommend her work to anyone!Ana Chu | Apresentadora de Televisão
Therapy with Laura brings sensational results and in short term, beyond professionalism , she is a fantastic person! I loved to have known you Laura!! Thanks for everything…Ana Lucia Alge
Laura is a very special person! Her work is very serious and brings immediate results! I had this opportunity! Really recommend, my life changed forever! I will be eternally grateful to you Laura!Sabrina Rauber
Recommend! Laura is a lovely person!Joyce P. Dos Santos
I highly recommend, she is a great professional.Monica Pontes
Laura is like an angel in my life.
Besides having a big heart, her counseling was a great help to me. Thanks!Carla Hain